Few Miles Away

City streets and the night lights

The truth, that was never too eager to go away and the beholder that was never able to change

The song, which I knew was always there but just never too there to be heard

The smiles, which were supposed to meant joy but always ended up climaxing the easiness we wanted

The words, that meant something but not something I thought they meant to be

There was this place I knew I belonged to, Or I thought I really did

But I was not there anymore, I chose not to

The turn, that I took left a lot of things moving behind me

The rush, that I decided never to delve into

The bicycle, that I took to find the reality I thought existed

Just a few miles away

The people, I knew I loved were in love

The stories, I knew would finish did end in bliss

The sorrow, I believed to be existent did get the ear it yearned for

City streets and night lights

The door, that was once shut in anger now reopened in anticipation

The CDs, photo albums, old guitar, recording machine and loose PJs

The journey that was incomplete

Those few miles

Have been covered!







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