Feel My Blues

The dreams think of the days,
Of love and it’s longing, the
Broken belongings
Would it all be the same, if
I thought of you, knew you
In ways different
From reality.
Would it be soothing, if
Attraction could’ve smelled the
Smoke of your cigarettes,
Like perfume
What a trajectory!
The marvels of memory laid down
So scantily upon my eyelids, don’t
Know whether to shut them and
Let them touch my skin, or
Live in oblivion, with these
Eyes open
There were days when I thought
I’ll wrap you around,
Will dance upon the losing ground
There were days, when
Stories circled the town with
You and I
Adorning their climax
What would it be if
We could see each other in
People that we are not, and
See what we desired,
In each other.
So much so the love has
Led me to believe,
So much so,
It made me look the other way with
My hands still hung backwards
I am with you, still
From the perils I hold the hills
What if the love was just
A meaning that we just
Got all wrong
Would you not look back,
Would you not stay,
And say,
I had everything but love


Politically Incorrect

These are the days we
Thought we would never
We thought,
We would build, brick by brick,
Our courage, and not
Our walls
These are the days where
We feel deserted and
Cheated and
Every firefly of hope we held
Close to us in our jars,
Flickering away its light in weariness, it’s
Surely going to vanish in
Thin air,
Are making noises in the chaos
We find ourselves in.
And all our voices, are
Getting lost in the
Unmannered cacophony of revenge, we
Were not raised for vengeance,
Were raised for love, raised
In love.
The streets that we crowd was
Once our walk to freedom, is
Now just a lost opportunity
For a girl who missed
Out on days of education, these
Are the days we are living
We are living in denial, we
Are spewing hate to smear hate,
How educated does that sound?
If these are the days
Days that have been dawned upon us
We, for the least,
Won’t give in to the lure of mourning,
Won’t find answers in the
Repented display of our trauma,
Will rise up
But not to bring this nation down
To halt its people
From jobs, food and education,
Will rise up
For love, forgiveness and hope,
Because we know if greatness is
For us to achieve,
Wisdom is going to pave the way.

Walk On

I don’t know what I’ll
Wake up to, tomorrow.
Don’t know what, or where
Would the sun rays land, what
Would it reveal of mine,
What of mine,
Would it hide.
So, all I have is
This night to take me where
This cold heart would
Never have eloped to.
Break down in the middle of
This empty street
Look back,
Smile a little,
There’ll always be a hoodie on,
And the music,
Would never cease.

Listen Up America

It’s when the wind drifts,
Pulls us from each other, from
All its might,
That we fight, it all;
Just a little more, we step
Just a little ahead;
The wind makes us swirl, turns all
The heads upside down, blows
Into rubble,
All that we gathered with toil, and
Cherished with warmth;
When it blows stronger than ever
For the worse not the better
You got to hold my hand,
Don’t let me slip away, don’t
Let me be alone,
I’m scared of where this wind takes me
Of what it makes of
My destiny, my history
Uprooted and thrown away from
My own land.
From our land;
If you ever let me stage the fear I
Wash my bones with,
I will cry my heart out on your shoulder
Because, this, is the time
This is the force,
Just hold me tight and keep
Me close,
I swear I’ll never forget


I wouldn’t have been silent if
Evenings had a voice
The setting sun had any last
Song to sing
And the retreating birds, to
Take the last flight.
I couldn’t speak, just
When the eyes have seen what
Conspires beauty into enigma,
The colours as they merge,
Only to get lost of their
Own shade, there
Isn’t much to say
All there is,