What do I tell faith about denial, of

What could I say

That is not whispered to fate, by time,

To destiny, by hope, of

Songs that winds silently carry to the wind-charms, and 

Then wind-charms call it mine. 

Could I ever make the sun, see,

A look of it from the hiding, from the shelters, above

Within, walls, from my eyes, I 

See sun, hear music, 

Of winds, or 

Wind-charms, Maybe.

What possibly, 

Could I ever,

Tell love of all the joys of being unaware. 

I see the surge of fury from

Beneath the bedrock of my core, I 

Lean over, and then

Turn away,


Of all that I ever said to silence about fulfillment,

And darkness,

About home. 



Art: Give Me Your Eyes, Alexis Winter


Trump-NATO Mismatch on Paris Agreement

Trump’s decision to pull America out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change comes just two months after the publication of NATO Report on Food and Water Security in the MENA region. Taking into consideration the amount of control US enjoys over collective decision making of NATO, Trump’s decision has made a mockery out of the Science and Technology Committee of NATO.

The report which was published in March 2017 heavily emphasises upon the interconnection between scarcity of natural resources and the rising civil conflict in the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA). According to the report, this interconnection manifests itself in the form of humanitarian crisis, migratory pressures, and intra-state and inter-state conflicts.

It is not just NATO but even US Department of Defense considers climate change to be a threat multiplier. Former US Secretary of State Chuck Hagel said that climate change will lead to disputes over refugees and resources. In addition to this, a research paper submitted to the US National Academy of Sciences claimed climate change as one of the major reasons behind the civil war in Africa. Assenting to the choir, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the war in Darfur as the first climate conflict. Many scholars in US universities have conducted comprehensive studies to demonstrate the impact of global climate change on armed conflict.

As the scientific and academic community, both in US and UN, is constantly focusing on understanding the impact of climate change on rising conflicts, the current decision of President Trump doesn’t shy away from disregarding the entire body of literature on the matter. As the clamour for greater environment protection grows louder, and leaders such as Modi, Macron and Merkel explicitly declaring their stance on the Paris Agreement, this move further isolates America from Europe and provides a gateway to China to muscle up its diplomatic relations with the region.

Existential Says

Let there be no world that says there’s no home for you

No language that has hailed misinterpretations

over what could have been a melody

No eye that holds a vision of a future,

over what could have been a day more of present

Let there be no love that feels ashamed to face itself

Let there be no love,

that fails to touch the life that wanted




Mutarada (The Chase)

She was unkempt, much like her thoughts

Chasing her bewildered cat

At least, what she thought she was upto

Step, swirl, hush, hush, silence; Aaah! There you are

Come here, come here; and missed

So there she ran again

Racing past a reel of known faces but unknown aspersions

With her hands reaching outwards

Her eyes, glared and watered of excitement

There’s no rest to this chase

The winds that she felt on her face carried sweetness of evening prayers

And the music, she ignorantly loved

But the sky’s getting darker

But the cat’s still not here

And now the songs have detuned to screams

Prayers have paved way for wails

The music she could not ignore, not love

The chase is still on, but of what

Where did the cat go, did it find a safe escape

A foreseen future that could not harbour here

She draws nearer to the faces

And the aspersions start to paint her knowledge

The sky is lighted, but not of stars

The vendor’s cart is red, but there are no fruits

The hands are reaching outward, the eyes are watered,

Is this the same place

Oh cat! Could you please find me now?

Can you trace my shadows?

I wish I could vanish into future, like you

Or just vanish

Leaving behind no hurt