Feel My Blues

The dreams think of the days,
Of love and it’s longing, the
Broken belongings
Would it all be the same, if
I thought of you, knew you
In ways different
From reality.
Would it be soothing, if
Attraction could’ve smelled the
Smoke of your cigarettes,
Like perfume
What a trajectory!
The marvels of memory laid down
So scantily upon my eyelids, don’t
Know whether to shut them and
Let them touch my skin, or
Live in oblivion, with these
Eyes open
There were days when I thought
I’ll wrap you around,
Will dance upon the losing ground
There were days, when
Stories circled the town with
You and I
Adorning their climax
What would it be if
We could see each other in
People that we are not, and
See what we desired,
In each other.
So much so the love has
Led me to believe,
So much so,
It made me look the other way with
My hands still hung backwards
I am with you, still
From the perils I hold the hills
What if the love was just
A meaning that we just
Got all wrong
Would you not look back,
Would you not stay,
And say,
I had everything but love


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