Listen Up America

It’s when the wind drifts,
Pulls us from each other, from
All its might,
That we fight, it all;
Just a little more, we step
Just a little ahead;
The wind makes us swirl, turns all
The heads upside down, blows
Into rubble,
All that we gathered with toil, and
Cherished with warmth;
When it blows stronger than ever
For the worse not the better
You got to hold my hand,
Don’t let me slip away, don’t
Let me be alone,
I’m scared of where this wind takes me
Of what it makes of
My destiny, my history
Uprooted and thrown away from
My own land.
From our land;
If you ever let me stage the fear I
Wash my bones with,
I will cry my heart out on your shoulder
Because, this, is the time
This is the force,
Just hold me tight and keep
Me close,
I swear I’ll never forget


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