Just a Minute

Minutes gone by, and
There I stand so defeated and
Disgusted, before
No one but
It was only minutes ago, that
I had seen a life being played like
A reel in front of my eyes, it
Was like a beginning
To this thing that knew no meaning, but
Felt all strings of rhythm, beating
And breathing heavily upon
My heart.
All that had ruined, and
All that wrecked
Lies within these few minutes
These minutes, they conspire
A fall so hard that I
Wouldn’t want to recognise self, a disgust
So profound, that
All that this body knows is
How rejection has shaped all its curves
And trajectories, it
Makes it, this body
A hate of itself, with a
Chain of nights spent
In curled up sobs, with tears making
Channels for the new ones to feel
The depth of this hurt.
These minutes,
They are not mine
And they didn’t hold back a little
To make me know that
For what all have I lost thinking
What this minute of attraction
Meant, to this
Long drawn patch of desperation
Left unrealised,
It meant nothing.
So, these are my minutes,
Spent in utter solace of understanding, how love in my life comes
Like yellow flicker lights, to
Attract the moth of my heart so close
That all that is left
To be seen, is
The smallness of my soul.


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