Treading upon each others’ destinies
Where have we reached
Where have we lost that language
In this translation of each other
In this union
We went on to learn ourselves
Trying to find meanings
About strings that held us together
What have we learnt,
So consumed in our meanings
That we looked over our identities
The tongues locked close, too tight
For sensing flavours glistening
On our lips, so diverse.
In this long drive of making words
The walks of innuendos
Are left somewhere unfelt.
Where have we come
What journey remains uncharted
In the seas of our eyes
Two souls one body
One body no souls.
So, I distance me from myself
Trying to unlearn,
Uncurl from this growth upon me
I stand away from myself, and you
Somewhere in the middle
Of these two bodies of mine.
Where will I go
What will I run towards
For me to become a whole again
There lies an intersection
With you.


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