Her lobes are bereft
Of the space she finds herself at
Her ears,
Enveloping the cave mouths
With her thick black hair.
Hair that mostly stay where they were set
But few strands, like her hope
Dissipating with the flowing wind.
Words never seem to amuse her
Of others or herself
There lies a spark in
That pair of black iris of her big round eyes, but
Somehow held back
By a squared up pair of glasses
There are many lives around her
One, sitting just next to her
Lives that carry her nose, or height
Or colour, but just the same
Though she still isolates herself from the lot
She still
Escapes to set glances, where
She sees no one, hears no one.
But there’s someone she clings to
Someone she finds solace into when she
Wants to be alone, but not lonely
She sets her big eyes on his face
She goes closer to him
Run her fingers against his face, slowly
To feel that gentle touch
And now,
Her thick black hair march on to engulf her cheeks
There’s no seeing of her, but
Her round black eyes staring at him
So she surrenders
Dissolving herself into him like
A setting sun into the sea
And when the time asks for him to leave
The iPhone screen says – Game Over
But there’s a box that can
Take her back to him, her escape, her old self
She sighs!
It’s goodbye to the surfer.
Her anguish,
Is now onto crushing candies.


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