Her pain wasn’t the love she never had

Her pain,

Was the love. 

She thought she loved love

Or the love was all about her being happy 

And freed

And love would cover her insecurities with his jacket

When it’s too cold for her dress,

Her put up attraction 

She thought love is dancing with your eyes closed

And dreaming with your eyes open

She didn’t hate not being loved

She hated, love. 

She could see like a song that soothes her

And melts her nights to moonlight 

She believed love would be her father

Kissing her mother in the kitchen 

A soft silent touch

Just a moment, a lovely moment. 

All this time she loved the love that wasn’t love

That met her in the eyes 

And left her on the knees 

She loved for a love that would wrap her head around his arms

And would whisper, it’s alright! 

She wanted to love, she did love

So did love 

Though she could not understand the reasons 

Of love not being love 

Where was her love, what was her love

Was it even love?

The day she picked up her bra, that dress, those shoes

And slammed that door behind her 

She never looked at love the same way

And love,

No longer haunted her. 


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