Winds Against My Face

This night,
It’s not about you or them
Or us,
It’s about the nothingness
I never thought existed
This night, it’s brighter
Than the sunlit skies, it’s clearer
At least to my inhibitions
This night
Has a silence that wants to listen to me
But I don’t want to talk
I just want to be there, somewhere
Where there’s no one around
And I’m fine with it.
At least for that moment.
This night,
Is between the past and the future
And unaware of the present
This night
Is not about the fights
But about everything I didn’t want to understand
And it doesn’t explain a thing to me
This night
This cab
This post college party drive
These streetlights
These empty roads
These shuttered down shops
This is perfection
Or illusion
But I know this is mine
So I roll the windows down
Rest my head against the car seat
This night, it has winds
That blows heavily against my face
And I
Put up a face that is emotionless
And the winds just rush through it
Not trying to judge me
Because, these winds
Belong to a night
That doesn’t want to know me
But it just wants to embrace me
And I let it happen
I’m unafraid
I feel like myself
I know I exist.


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