26 Letters

The language of 26 letters

Jitters that have knifed our tongues

Carved our throats

So we let our emotions float

Within the pool of a petite jukebox

How often do we find ourselves

Pushing against the wall

The wall

That gets nearer and nearer

As we move closer to realisation

Sensations of quickening perspirations

How many stories we have traversed

How many moments we have eloped

Succumbing to the whip of 26 letters

We have lost breaths

In portending the uncertain

How much have we spoken

In a language so broken

That cracks in our voices

Became the scars of someone’s heart

All our lives

We have clung to these 26 letters

Like I have clung to you

Picking the words that define me

Or this poetry

But I’ll falter

Much like humans from history to hope

As truth is like heartbeats

So close, so certain, so silent

That its rhythm goes unnoticed

And all we hail

These 26 letters

Opium that yields addiction of simplicity

Undermining the infinity

That language has overlooked

I’m a bad poet

You’re a genial patron

You may have your words

I’ll walk away with freedom



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