Palace to Rubble


The walls had begun to reflect fears

Fears of our estranged cold faces

Was it me?

Or the sleeping pills

That held you close

Night after night after night;

And as the sun started sneaking in

Throwing light upon the darkness that besieged our home.


Why did I wake up early?

To the floor of cigarette ashes

Sitting on the side couch with red eyed vision

Eyes that were pushing too hard to shut;

For nothing

More they could see of;

Rum drenched sheets of meaningless lovemaking


The beasts that lurked within me

Now walk freely all over this bedroom

What’s up

With the noises created by this surrounding silence

Not seductive

Not the one which made us crave for more;

But the noise that makes us look away

From ourselves



Our soulless bodies still walk down the kitchen

Still prepares the coffee and get ready for work

The ceiling just a roof’s darling

Roof that once made us aloof to the world

Now just a roof

That cages our physical bodies until we get liberated


By the indifference the outside world offers



Look at me, talk to me

Let anything spill out of your goddamn mouth

Anything that’s not as illusive and vague

As the needs of our lives have become

Anything conclusive

To the face of this endless façade of oblivion

We carry

To make each other feel worse than the other


Phone’s still ringing

Ringing that made you deaf to the truth

I screamed a thousand times;

The fragrance of jasmine still embraces the garden

Fragrance that smothered you

Of lethality that endless doubts fed you

Why don’t you

Spit on my face anymore?

Is it because you had lost all hope

Or see your reflection on it



We’re still swimming on the same bed

Still fighting

The egos that pull us back to ground

That push us back to shore

There’s nothing that curtains can hide


Or the cold shower can make numb

We lay

As we do facing each other

Was that your love?

Or making of a wind

That pushed our palace to rubble



The walls had begun to reflect fears

Fears of our estranged cold faces

Everything has started to shake and crumble

Hanging pictures, memories

Getting washed away by invading waters

Both of us, staring

As our unscripted fate unravels;

We lost ourselves in each other’s bodies

Only to get bored of the same ole road

And as we try to drift apart from the foundations we built together

Being helpless, we push

Our shaken palace to rubble


Image : Mackenzie Thorpe








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